Brightwell – FaStart-F – 125 ml


Brightwell – FaStart-F – 125 ml

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Brightwell – FaStart-F – 125 ml


Ürün Adı: FaStart-F

Mevcut Ebatlar: 125 ML


• Formulated specifically for freshwater biotope, community, and planted aquaria.

• Used in conjunction with FlorinBacter, establishes and develops biological filtration by

providing critical nutrients in specific forms and ratios.

• Ethical and effective; encourages microbial proliferation without the use of poor nutrient

sources, such as fish food (rich in refractory organic compounds) and so-called “starter fish”.

• Dramatically expedites the start-up period, making it possible to confidently add inhabitants

to an aquarium soon after set up.

• Formulated by a marine scientist.