Brightwell – Florin Gro – 125 ml


Brightwell – Florin Gro – 125 ml

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Brightwell – Florin Gro – 125 ml


Ürün Adı: Florin Gro

Mevcut Ebatlar: 125 ML


. Concentrated source of nitrogen, one of the most important plant nutrients, required for growth and long-term health, and utilized primarily in the production of nucleic acids and proteins, accounting for up to 2% of plant tissue dry weight.

. Nitrogen is present as nitrate, a form appropriate for use in aquaria (ammonium can revert to toxic ammonia in aquaria with pH over 7.0; urea is a source of ammonia).

. Contains Kelp extract, which provides natural phytohormones found to encourage growth and flowering.

. Formulated utilizing extensive research on aquatic plant nutrient requirements.