Brightwell – Reef Code B-P ( Part B ) 1 Kg.


Brightwell – Reef Code B-P ( Part B ) 1 Kg.



Brightwell – Reef Code B-P ( Part B ) 1 Kg.
The alkalinity-bearing component of a two-part method for dosing calcium and carbonates
(the substances largely responsible for increasing alkalinity (”buffering capacity”)) in the
same ratio as that found in natural seawater.
Unlike single component KH products such as sodium carbonate, Reef Code B is a multi-component automatic buffer that regulates pH and its use makes for a much more stable aquarium.  Eliminates pH and KH instability caused by poor salt mixes and ineffective buffering products.
Also adds multiple major, minor and trace minerals.  Ionically-balanced with respect to natural seawater concentrations of calcium and carbonates when used in equal amounts with Reef Cōde A.
Benefits reef-building organisms such as corals, clams, calcareous algae, etc.
Simplifies calcium and alkalinity maintenance; economical for particularly large systems.
Contains no phosphate, silicate, or organic material.
Formulated by a marine scientist.