GroTech – Magnesium pro 1000g

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GroTech – Magnesium pro 1000g

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The addition for the calcium reactor for increase of the Magnesium content.

In the marine water aquarium a great quantity of Calcium and Magnesium is required in order to achieve an optimum growth of corals and red lime algaes. By the normally used materials in the calcium reactor the Calcium content, however, will be increased more than the Magnesium content.
By admixing of up to 10 % Magnesium pro into the used material, this effect will be compensated. This recommended admixing quantity of Magnesium pro should not be exceeded as this could lead to an excessive Magnesium value in the aquarium. When using Magnesium pro in the aquarium, the Magnesium contents in the aquarium water should be checked regularly.