GroTech – Zeolit 1000ml

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GroTech – Zeolit 1000ml

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GroTech – Zeolit 1000ml

Zeoliths are water-containing, felspar-like silicate minerals.


The inside and outside surfaces can amount to up to 600 qm/ccm.This enormous surfaces offer for example for nitrogen decomposing microorganism an ideal habitat.

The mentioned characteristics convert Zeoliths into natural ion exchangers,for example adsorption ability for Ammonium.

Besides the characteristic as ion exchanger, Zeoliths are, due to their porousfine structure,like nearly no other substrate, mechanical filters.Heavy metals and toxic metabolic products are absorbed and chemical -bio-logical rebuilt.



1 Liter Zeolith on 400 Liter aquarium water.

When using Zeolith for the first time, this quantity should be achieved over several weeks, i.e. you begin with 10 % of the indicated quantity which will then be increased weekly by another 10 %.

After 3 months the Zeolith should be exchanged completely.


Grain size: 4 – 8mm